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Paul Kivel, a political activist and author, was one of the lecturers at the 2016 White Privilege Conference (WPC). During the conference, Paul Kivel made the astounding claim that pretty much every defective, broken, and malfunctioned problem in society stems from a combined ideology of “Christian hegemony.”

Everything ranging from sexism, global warming, racism, and a weakened economy is because of Christian control.

Kivel said that almost everything in the world can be followed back to the main ideas of Christianity.

“In the United States, there’s seven to ten thousand predominantly white, Christen men, who run the major institutions in our society: The corporations, the political parties, the think tanks, the foundations, universities [and] cultural institutions,” said Kivel.

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The case that Kivel made against the United States as a “Christian hegemony” by asking the people who attended the conference how Christianity has made an impact on their daily lives.

For a few examples, Kivel named off that by making Sunday seem to exist as a “day of rest”, motivating non-profits like the YMCA and drug rehab programs.

Extending from those examples, Kivel went on to say that everything bad in society is provided by Christianity.

For the homemade posters he presented, the phrase “Christian hegemony” is at the center of a food web with concepts like “ableism”, “racism”, and “sexism” surrounding it.

Do you think Christianity is the reason for all bad things in the world?

Source: Daily Caller


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