Rainier Beach Yoga in Seattle

A yoga Studio in Seattle has made it clear through their promotions that white folks aren’t welcome, and has created a special class entitled “yoga for people of color”.

And the obvious initial reaction by most of us would be outrage at having a business establishment overtly discriminate against a group of people… and yet, there’s perhaps something deep within us that may also suggest that as a "private business owner", one should have the right to choose a special venue, perhaps targeting a group for a particular evening or session is actually a smart business decision, and no different from "ladies night" at a bar, or singling out seniors for discounts.

Rainier Beach Yoga in Seattle has allowed “five queer people of color” to create a special class for people of color,” an exclusionary  yoga session whose rules expressly forbid “white people” from attending and  invites “lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer and trans-friendly, affirming,” and identifies with “people of color”.

Teresa Wang, one of the co-founders of the class, was asked what were to happen if a white person were to attend.

“Well, it’s a class for people of color, so he would be coming to that class knowing that we’re really clear about who we are asking to come to class, so…I’m not really sure because it hasn’t happened to us.”

However one thing is almost certain if this were a “white only” class,  the national media, the White House, and the feds would be filing all types of  anti discrimination lawsuits, and  Al Sharpton would be leading a march down the streets of Seattle.

Watch the video below:

Source: Opposing Views



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