Something about this video just doesn't seem to add up. You be the judge...

A Hamilton county Ohio courthouse near Cincinnati had to be evacuated when Felicia Brock, a woman and a Muslim convert who had business at the courthouse that day, was found to have an item resembling a WWII "Pineapple" style hand grenade. The item turned out to be a perfume bottle, but it's no wonder the police took action, after all, public safety is on the line. But that's where the questions start to arise. Ms. Brock, who is homeless, is claiming that the reason for all of this is the fact she is a Muslim and wearing Muslim garb, specifically a hijab, the head covering worn by many Muslim women. She claims this is the reason they stopped and searched her. However, two things immediately jump out as counterpoints to her story. One is that EVERYONE is subject to x-ray and metal detectors when entering a federal courthouse, not just her. The other issue is whether or not this was all a setup on her behalf to somehow leverage the city for a discrimination suit and the whole Muslim garb and bringing in something that would undoubtedly be flagged was all part of her plan, even if her religious convictions are not a put on, not knowing the item in question would pose an issue is a bit beyond the norm.

Can accident's happen, yes. Can't people be a little slow on the draw and make mistakes, yes. But her almost scripted reactions and retelling of events seems to smack of a set-up. Look for more to come of this story, for sure, it's unlikely we have heard the last of it.

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