In a disturbing video caught on cellphone camera, a large, black woman brutally beat a white mother alongside what appears to be the pathway of a park. The most disturbing part of the video, however, is that none of the eight or so bystanders does anything to help the woman being beaten.

After shoving her to the ground, the black woman got on top of the white woman and began pummeling her face. When the white woman's son, a toddler, cried out "Mommy" and started kicking at the black woman punching his mother, the aggressor threatened to kick her son in the face as well.

The altercation ended with the black woman standing up and kicking the white woman, and then finally spitting on her before walking away.

According to the news reporter in the video clip, the aggressor was afraid of losing her job because of gossip about her at the place where she worked. The woman realized too late, however, that beating up someone in the manner she did doesn't just end in an open field.

The woman who beat the white mom is facing charges of aggravated assault as well as something called "terroristic threats." It's almost assured that she will lose her job now.

There are many things wrong with the situation caught on this video, the first being that the people watching were more interested in capturing what they were witnessing on video than they were about helping the woman being attacked. Since when do video views on a social media website matter more than someone's safety?

The second disturbing part of the video is that the woman's young son was present and screaming for his mother, but the other woman didn't let up in her attack.

While there isn't more backstory to this video, which makes it hard to judge either side, it's clear that we Americans haven't learned the simple lesson that violence is not the answer. Hopefully this video can teach the sobering lesson in a more intense way.

h/t: Live Leak


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