To kill just for the sake of killing is so disturbing. It is not often we read about murderers who just do it for no reason.

In the case of 51-year old James Stuhlman, who while out walking his dog in the evening in March of this year was murdered, was the reason boredom that resulted in his being gunned down?

While the murder is believed to have been the result of a robbery, Mr. Stuhlman was found missing no items, which leads us to the question whether or not these teens just thought it would be fun to kill someone?

On that particular March evening, Mr. Stuhlman told his 13-year old daughter to skip their nightly walk as it was getting late.

He set out on his own for the stroll only to be set upon by three bloodthirsty black-thug teenagers, aged 14-years and two who were 15-years of age.

Stuhlman is said to have begged for his life;

“Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me.”

To no avail. He was killed with a single shot. He was found lying dead on the street, clutching his flashlight, with his little loyal dog lying next to him.

The 14-year old suspect and one of the others have been arrested. The younger boy is being cooperative in the investigation, and the hunt is on for the other murderer.

Naturally, the teen on the loose is MIA and his folks have no idea where he might be. According to his father the boy lives with the mother.

Meanwhile, Ms. Stulman is without a father for the rest of her life.

Source: Opposing Views


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