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Another black on white situation has happened. This one is not making the news. Why? Because, in this instance the media is unable to racially portray a crime.

The only crime committed here was a crime of compassion, a random act of kindness. Such behavior knows no race. If these stories made the news more often the BLM movement would wither up and die.

Natasha Robinson, a Washington D.C. area black woman had left her college campus for the evening when she came upon a homeless man, who happened to be white.

What did she do? Well, since she is not a thug as the media is bent on portraying all black people to be, she did something kind--stepped in and offered to help.

The man was searching for food in a dumpster. Seeing this, Natasha offered him a meal and he accepted. His response was to say, “Thank you Lord for sending someone.” Natasha took the man to a nearby Wendy’s and despite his wanting to keep the tab low, she told him to order whatever he wanted.

However, the encounter did not end there. Ms. Robinson received a wonderful gift, and she posted it to her Facebook page:

“He said I can’t let you leave until I hug you. As he was hugging me he was praying…Little do he know I’m the one who received a blessing.”

Ms. Robinson you are a model for what we should all be…people who see no color, who do not look the other way when we see trouble, but instead lend a hand and be humbled in doing so. Thank you.

Source: Mad World News



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