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The Fresno police department recently released body cam footage of its officers fatally shooting a 19-year old, unarmed man, Dylan Fresno.

In the video officers order Fresno to lay down on the ground multiple times before opening fire. After Noble was shot, police opened fire 2 more times on the teenager.

He was declared dead on the scene. The lack of national attention following the shooting of this particular subject may have something to do with the victim's race. Dylan Noble was a white teen. The media coverage, and national outrage has followed accordingly.

This is another knock against the Black Lives Matter movement's claim as a movement striving for police reform. If the BLM protestors truly cared about equality they would have supporters in Fresno as well as Baton Rouge.

Instead the non-response to Dylan Noble's death, and the dramatic body cam footage released by the Fresno police department, shows that BLM seeks special treatment for people of color rather than reformation of police tactics as a whole.

Much like in the after math of the tragedy in Dallas, you will be hard pressed to find a unified condemnation of this violence from the BLM protestors.

Instead they are laser focused on what they perceive as "their people" which serves only to drive America further apart, rather than unify it. Protesting the tactics of police officers around the country is one thing, supporting attacks against police officers, and only focusing on police violence towards highly specific groups of people is completely different.

To the credit of the Fresno police department, the shooting of Dylan Noble looked justified. In the video he can be seen reaching behind his back, stating that he hates his life, and repeatedly ignores officer's commands.

The event took place in broad daylight, and the entire event is clearly caught on camera, two things that have been rare in videos of similar nature. However the truth is rarely relevant when it comes to furthering an agenda.

The fact that Alton Sterling was armed never seems to be relevant to BLM protestors, so why should the legality of Noble's killing be any different? The national response to Dylan Noble's death clearly shows where the priorities of BLM, and the national media lie.

Their agendas will only drive Americans further apart, and that is the last thing we need in this fractured country.

The Fresno Bee describes the above video"

A witness’ video obtained by The Bee shows the final moments when Fresno police officers fired the last two shots at Dylan Noble on June 25, 2016. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the body camera video of the entire incident shows that Noble continued to make threatening motions. Two shots had already been fired when the witness began recording; at that point, Noble is lying on the ground. The first two shots are included in the body camera video, which Dyer has not released.

This is a video of a gathering held to commemorate Noble. Confederate flags were flown and signs saying "White Lives Matter" and "Justice For Dylan":

Source: Breitbart

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