Pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain, for I am the great and powerful Obama!

President Obama is up to his transparency-tricks again. This time it has to do with none other than Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi debacle.

You know the one, right? That little mess they left behind where four people died, including our Ambassador when our embassy was attacked on September 11th 2012. This is that not-a-big-deal scandal involving Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct her official business as Secretary of State, which she did not conduct anything official in private, but did not have a computer in her office. ???

That one.

That would be the same scandal where our president had no clue that Clinton was doing any such thing and blah blah blah. Well, it’s looking like he had a whole helluva’ lot of a clue as to what was going on in HIS State Department and with Benghazi. While he and Clinton and their minions have worked hard at trying to frame it all as no-big-deal, it is apparently big-enough to warrant a sealing of Obama’s email correspondence with Clinton until well after he leaves office.

Obama will be leaving a mess behind for the next President. Without a doubt he will be ensconced in executive privilege when it comes to this tragedy, because this little move by Obama is further evidence that a cover-up appears to be underway.

Why else would a president not want to exonerate himself in the court of public opinion, if nothing else, and lay blame at the feet of the one responsible?

There appears to be no good answer to that question.

Source: BizPacReview

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