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An online petition demanding that the Obama administration “formally recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization” has been launched following the most recent violence targeting law enforcement officers resulted in a deadly attack in Dallas, but needs additional signatures before the White House will respond.

The official White House website provides opportunities for citizen-initiated petitions to “receive a response” if 100,000 people sign within a 30-day period, although the type of response – or whether it will be from the president – is not clear.

The “We The People” petition on the White House website has 54,758 signatures as of midnight July 9 and needs 45,242 more before August 5 to qualify for a response.

The petition was created on July 5 as tensions escalated following reaction to the deaths of two African-American men during interactions with law enforcement officers in two separate incidents.

As BLM called for nationwide protests, fears grew that the type of violence seen in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri in recent years following similar incidents would occur.

But it was in Dallas where 12 police officers were ambushed by a lone sniper during a peaceful protest.

Five officers were killed and seven wounded; two civilians were also injured in the attack by the 25-year-old assassin who told police he “wanted to kill whites and wanted to kill cops, especially white ones.”

The shooter claimed he was not affiliated with BLM, but the group’s trademark chants, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ‘em? Now!”  and “Pigs in a blanket – fry 'em like bacon!” have put a target on the back of police officers everywhere.

The petition notes that the BLM’s goals and activities fits within the definition of “terrorism” used by the government to officially recognize ISIS and other terror groups “due to its actions in Ferguson and Baltimore,” and asks the Pentagon to formally recognize BLM as a terrorist organization.

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