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For those who follow history the parallels of Obama’s vision for America and what took place in Germany during the early part of the 1930’s is stark, in that the historical similarities of that era and of today’s political climate is almost indistinguishable, then the politically manufactured social unrest was a subterfuge for the federal government to wrestle control from local authorities.

With the sole purpose of politically consolidating power, and in order to insure that power Germany created a military style police force, that superseded all local police authority, all astoundingly with the help of the German people.

Today in America the Obama Administration has taken a page from that dark chapter in our history with its own attempt in creating a federal police agency that would virtually supersede local police authority, and of course state rights.

The subterfuge being used is as old as time itself, to demagogue the hopes and fears of the people by referencing whatever pivotal issue exists, and in this particular case its racism, and the need for a “federal authority” to police the police.

To that end a petition created by the White House, supported by Al Sharpton and sponsored by social justice activists and the mainstream media, asking citizens to sign on the dotted line.

The White House has estimated that over 164,655 citizens have already signed the pledge well over the 100,000 signature needed for a White House response.

No doubt those signing the petition have only the best interests of America, however the similarities to Germany and the 1930’s cannot be ignored then the “Propaganda Ministry” in Germany asked it’s citizens to freely sign petitions and worked hard to persuade them that this brand new federal police force would insure a more stable government, and would adhere to their constitution for all it’s citizens.

And around 1933, this new federal military style police force came into power with the blessing of the German people, and they were referenced by various names, “the blackshirts, the SS, and perhaps the most notable, “The Gestapo”…the ruthless secret police of Nazi Germany, all signed and delivered legally by the German people.

The petition in question can be found here but whatever you do, DO NOT SIGN IT!

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