President Barack Obama is at it again, making presidential decrees right and left before he is forced to leave the White House. This time around there can be no doubt, though, that his executive orders are being used to shape America into a country that he wants to last for the next decade.

Obama is working to admit 110,000 Syrian refugees into the United States in the year 2o17. That's over 50 percent more than the refugees who have arrived since 2015. The goal is also a clear plan to change the face of the American electorate and to bring in people who will be inclined to vote Democratically because a Democratic president helped them.

This year America will have given shelter to 85,000 Syrian refugees, a 15,000 person increase over the quotas for the past two years. However, Obama wants to increase that number because he feels that we can do more for the situation over there.

"If it is possible to do more, we would," reported a high-ranking official who requested anonymity in discussing Obama's plan.

Republicans, for their part, are mad that Obama is setting goals without giving any thought to how such a goal might actually be implemented.

House representative Bob Goodlatte said that Obama, "Unilaterally increases the number of refugees resettled in the United States each year and gives little thought as to how it will impact local communities. The president also continues to ignore warnings from his own national security officials."

That's not a compliment.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says that he would work on banning refugees who come from violent, extremist countries, something that sounds absolutely vital if America is to remain safe.

Does Obama not realize how dangerous this is? News is just now breaking of how many ISIS cells and terrorists managed to slip into Europe on the tide of refugees. What's to stop the exact same thing from happening here in the U.S.?

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