Washington D.C. is an alternative reality, set apart from the rest of America. It is the only place in the nation where one can take up the past time of lying to everyone about everything, get caught, and still walk around without shame.

Back in 2001, Barack Obama, then an Illinois State Senator, spoke out against protecting the life of a baby who survived a botched abortion and was born alive. An abortion surviving infant is a fetus that is “temporarily alive,” nothing more. 

In the womb the fetus is a fetus, and it is not viable, and if alive having survived an abortion it should be seen as a whoopsie! The problem Obama was having with the assignment of viable life to an abortion survivor is that the little life is then afforded all the protections of the Constitution.

They being, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and everything that comes along with that in the form of equal protection under the law.

Heaven forbid abortion be made illegal. We wouldn’t want to not be allowed to murder our children, now would we?

Jumping ahead to 2015, and taking a look at the food stamp program(s) in place, the White House released a paper that claims the program’s positive impact on children “begins even before birth.”

What? Wait. Didn’t Obama say that they are not children while in the womb?

There’s more; “mothers who receive Food Stamps during pregnancy have a reduced incidence of low-birth weight babies by between 5 and 12 percent.”

Really? Weren’t mothers only mothers after a wanted-child is born? Aren’t they just vessels for a parasitic fetus free for picking-apart until then?

Yes, D.C. is an alternative universe where logic has no place. The evil doings and two-faced talk are par for the course.

We can’t just zero-in on Obama. He is nothing more than the President who is supposed to be kept in check by the other two branches of government.

Two branches, who are currently equally as evil in this regard, and presently the Republicans are running up the scorecard on that account.

Source: CNS News


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