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“Race” once again seems to be the deciding factor in how we respond to yet another brutal and senseless act of violence. Do we respond by blaming one group based on skin pigmentation?

Or do we respond by acknowledging there’s a pervasive culture within our society and especially within minority communities that have allowed and denied the root cause of violence…the destruction of the family unit.

And in which a false narrative of “black lives matter” now attempts to hide those true facts and of the carnage taking place within those communities, and of those fatherless young male adults, with little or no future, existing within a culture of violence, and where human life is expendable

This latest brutal and senseless act of violence against yet another innocent victim, 56-year-old David Pence and his 25-year-old son Nicholas, after they were shot execution-style in New Orleans last weekend.

The pair who are white, were murdered just moments after party guests left their home by black teenagers Dexter Allen (17) and Haraquon and Degruy (18).

However the political apologists and the race hustlers like President Obama, and Al Sharpton are always silent when the victims don’t fit into their narrative, they’re to be ignored further dividing law-abiding citizens along racial lines.

According to authorities, Degruy confessed that she and Allen had been committing car burglaries all week and weekend in the neighborhood.

Source: American News


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