It would seem somewhat perplexing, if it weren’t so obvious, in that yet another video has just surfaced of another deputy engaged in a physical confrontation with yet another students at the same Spring Valley High School.

However the only difference between Deputy Ben Fields, and this other deputy, is the skin color, this deputy is black, and oh yes his name seems also unavailable.

The new video appears to show a brutal fist fight between the officer and a student, both of whom were black. At first, the officer is trying to restrain the student, but he lets the juvenile go after he begs to be freed so they can fight.


The officer gets in the student’s face and repeatedly tells him to “Do it! Do it!” before the two men take wild swings at one another.

What seems apparent from the outset is that these two separate incidences are almost identical, and yet this video took place last year and has just surfaced, and of course the incident never made it to any news outlet, and was quietly and quickly suppressed until now, perhaps because the media couldn’t push the race angle, therefore no story.

However aside from the obvious mistreatment and firing of Deputy Ben Fields, perhaps there’s another issue that Spring Valley High School, doesn’t particularly want to showcase, that may have more to do with hiding this incident, and the type of kids that this school seems to be dealing with and that requires uniformed deputies to control.

Watch the video below:

Source: Right Wing News



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