If we had a nickel for every anxiety-provoking experience -- well, we know how the story goes.

So does model Chrissy "Snowflake" Teigen, it appears. She blames Donald Trump for her "crippling anxiety" and wants him to pay her medical bills.

"So f*cking tired of this manically (sic) insane incompetent president and this dumpster fire of an administration I'm going to have to go on another med," tweeted Teigen.

How many meds is Teigen already on? Will one more make any difference to her plush, pampered, lazy, affluent lifestyle?

Teigen made her debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010. So, we know we're dealing with a burning hot intellect.

But don't stop her now. Teigen's on a roll, tweeting how she needs to "up my dosage or talk to my doctor [and] see what works for me when the world explodes."

Another pineapple vodka martini and a cucumber facial should do the trick, Chrissy.

As for the world exploding, the foreign policy mess of Barack Obama is the foreign policy mess Donald Trump inherited. Maybe you should send your medical bill to Obama, billable under the Affordable Care Act.

Then again, we think you can afford to pay your own medical bills. The same can't be said for the thousands of people suffering under Obamacare.

The 31-year-old Teigen would rather blame Trump for her emotional issues, it seems, because that is what aging celebrities do when they want to stay alive in the business.

"Pay my bill," Teigen tweets in the sure and certain hope of attracting media attention. She then uses the disgusting acronym "POS" to describe the president for added effect.

Teigen might also want to consider blaming Trump for her lack of decorum and class.

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Source: Daily Wire


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