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The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), whopping 11 member organization is hell bent on dancing on the graves of their fallen comrades and slapping their loved ones in the face. 

They have managed to get and Akron facility to remove Bibles from the Missing Man Table. All because 11 MRFF’s, a joke of an organization, hopped on the cry-baby waaa-mbulance.

The Veterans Administration, utterly impotent in taking care of their sick, jumped all over this opportunity to partake in further dehumanizing, belittling, and demeaning our service members.

The MRFF founder/president, Mikey Weinstein, says that, “The New Testament only represents one particular perspective and it doesn’t honor all veterans and all POWs and MIAs.” Let’s call bull on that. 

He went on; “Imagine if you put the Quran up there. There would be blood in the streets. What if you put the Book of Satan or the Book of Mormon or you put any other book?”

Yeah. What if? Unlike, Mr. Weinstein, most Americans are not tyrants. If they were, you would be seeing all that bloodshed on the military facilities. You don’t, unless it is a Muslim terrorist with a gun in hand.

This nation is Judeo-Christian in its founding. There is no separation of church and state clause in the Constitution.

Nor, is there a clause that allows a minute, idiotic, organization that can’t even reach a full dozen to tyrannically dictate their will upon the thousands of others across this land who want to honor the fallen, as opposed to disregard them.

Source: Mad World News


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