Tear yourselves away from the over-hyped scrapping between the presidential candidates and the media and get ready for the latest data dump.

America! Land of the free! Land of welfare, that is. Roughly 50-million people are now on food stamps, and boatloads on an experimental welfare program. Did anyone even know about that latter thing? What is it?

Land of the unemployed. Nearly 100-million able bodied individuals without a job, thereby leaving fewer of those with jobs to pay the tab for those without. Get ready to be taxed for more money people. That would be in addition to the health insurance mandate whereby we are forced to buy it and subsidize (via our taxes) those that can’t afford it. More than 114,000 people were added to the ever increasing roster of the unemployed, and that was within a month. Add to this almost 500,000 more than the previous month! This is the most unemployed since President Carter ruled the nation with his phone and pen (ca. 1977).

Is this what Obama meant when he said we had turned the corner in the economy? Did he mean we turned the corner into a dark alley with a block wall at the end?

Land of the poorest families ever since the end of the Great Depression and the start of what appears to be the next. Or the downswing of a county that is sinking ever further into a current depression.

Home of the brave? A very few brave, and God bless those men and women! Who’s got their back? Not the president. This is evident with the ceaseless cuts in military spending and fewer service members. Who engages ISIS with a poorly funded military while simultaneously negotiating the arming of an enemy bent on wiping us off the planet? Arming them with nuclear weapons! Who does this without ensuring American safety, leaving our citizen hostages to rot in said nation, and giving away the house to get no concessions in return? The answer-a moron.

Sadly, Obama promised this. He said he would change the fabric of our nation, and he is. It’s depressing and disgraceful.

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