In America when a police officer defends himself and ends up fatally shooting a black man, riots sweep the nation, the media covers the story for months, and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson pontificate about "white America." But, what happens when four black men kidnap and murder a white police officer? Crickets.

Captain Kevin Quick, from Waynesboro, Virgina, should be a name known in every house across America, the same way everyone knows Michael Brown's name. The only difference is, Capt. Quick wasn't a criminal, he was a civil servant. On a Friday night in early 2014 Captain Quick left his mother's home to go and visit his girlfriend. The only problem was, he never got to his destination. For almost a week people searched frantically for him. They had no idea where he had gone to. There were however attempts to use his bankcard, and his Toyota 4 Runner had been sighted, and once it was used during an attempted robbery. The police got a description of the driver and matched it to Daniel Mathis.

By Tuesday, Quick was still missing, but the police arrested Daniel Mathis, Mersadies Shelton, Shantai Shelton, all three siblings Then, on Thursday police found the horrible news, Captain Quick had been murdered and his body dumped on the side of a road. After the discovery of Quick's body, three more people, all gang members, were arrested. Leslie Casterlow, Anthony Stokes and Hasili Uhuru, and they were charged with capital murder. When all was said and done nine people were indicted.

Why didn't the media report on this crime? They're so quick to jump on a story that involves a white man killing a black man, but when several black men are arrested and charged in the kidnapping and slaying of a white police officer, there's radio silence.



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