What happens when an obviously unarmed white college student is gunned down by a black cop? Nothing. That's what the world found out the day Officer Trevis Austin shot freshman Gil Collar in cold blood. Why wasn't there a media outcry over this? Where was the legion of tv personalities flocking to Alabama for a protest? Is a white college freshman's life not worth the same as a black robber's life?

The liberal media will attack on all fronts if a black thug gets shot, but where are they when a white college student is gunned down? The lack of exposure for this case is depressing and a symptom of over 'politically correcting' America. Apparently, it is taboo now to discuss the murder of an unarmed youth if that youth happens to be white. The left-wing liberal media bias is all too evident when given the facts.

Fact: The Youth in Ferguson was caught on camera violently robbing a store before the run in with the officer. Although this does get mostly ignored in the media, the truth remains, the 'innocent' black youth was not remotely close to innocent. He was a criminal who just assaulted a clerk and robbed a store.

Fact: The Youth in Alabama was visible unarmed. How do we know he was visibly unarmed? Because he was naked. There were zero traces of a weapon on the body when the teen was executed by Austin. There is no footage of him robbing a clerk, beating anyone up, or anything beyond him being naked.

Fact: The Youth in Ferguson approached the officer with violence and tried to remove the officer's gun to use it on him. He had an accomplice who ran from the scene and was never shot. The Ferguson youth assaulted the officer.

Fact: The Youth in Alabama was, even by the police's own admission, over 5 feet away when the officer drew his weapon and shot the unarmed teen in the chest. There were zero point zero chances that the teen was going for the officer's weapon at over 5 feet away. There were zero point zero chances that the naked unarmed teen posed any threat whatsoever to the officer who executed him.

Fact: The officer in Ferguson had no choice but to fire in self-defense. The violent youth, who was far bigger than the officer, produced physical injuries on the officer. The officer did not have a chance to diffuse the situation peacefully or via non-lethal means.

Fact: The officer in Alabama had his baton and pepper spray on him. The teen was over 5 feet away and was naked. The officer could have very easily used either non-lethal means to subdue the teen. He chose to draw his weapon and then execute the teen who was over 5 feet away. Again, the officer was not in danger nor could the teen have physically--in any reality--go for the gun.

Fact: The media made such an ordeal about the officer in Ferguson being white and the criminal being black that racism was thrown around. It also allowed the 'good people' of Ferguson to burn their own community to the ground in a riot all in the name of 'justice'.

Fact: The officer who executed the unarmed white teen was black. This is oddly not being seen as a case of racism or as an unjustified shooting by the media. It seems that the "white guilt" is the real winner in a liberal-biased mainstream media.

Fact: Gil Collar was executed. He was naked. He was unarmed. He was all of 140 pounds. His hands were up and he was following the officer's orders. Austin executed the teen in cold blood. His department and the media have called it somehow a justified shooting.

The mainstream media likes to attack people using their made up stories and agendas, but when viewed against the facts of the case, their stories just don't add up. Maybe someone will care enough to have Justice for Gil Collar. Maybe if he were black, a new debate would spring up in the media. Unfortunately for Gil Collar, he was just an unarmed college freshman who had his hands up.

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