Tim Tebow praying after a touchdown

While the battle between secular progressives and the traditional religious believers continues, there’s another unspoken and much more dangerous equation to this dilemma, that few on the left will even acknowledge, that of radical Islam.

It seems a lot easier for those secular progressives to go after peaceful Christians like NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow, then a radical Imam. So it’s no surprise when he made headlines for wearing a few Bible verses on his eyes-blacks during games. He’s also been spotted numerous times praying on the field.

Obviously the hypocrisy of the left as no bounds, in their attempt to intimidate, harasses, and discredit Tebow for simply being a Christian. And Tebow hasn’t backed down from demonstrating his Christian beliefs. In fact, he recently appeared on the SEC network in Gainesville, FL. There, he led the team (and anyone watching) in prayer.

And while most Christians applaud Tebow’s dedication to his faith, many feel it may alienate some, and should be kept separate from the game

Rest assured there will come a day when those that target Christians, will in fact be forced to also acknowledge Islam, when they will have no other  recourse but to acknowledge Islam as a religion.

However being the hypocritical fools they truly are, they will no doubt create a ridicules narrative, much like our tone-deaf president and exclaim that Islam is “a peaceful religion”, while chopping of heads, in the name of Allāh!

Source: American News

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