If you’re an adult over 30 years old, then in all likelihood you would perhaps recall standing in unison facing a small American flag in the front of your classroom, placing your right hand over your heart and reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance”. It was a common daily occurrence, like having breakfast at the start of each the day.

However those days seem to be gone forever, and any reference to our flag or in its display, can easily have negative ramifications, as was once again the case in South Carolina, when high school senior Peyton Robinson was confronted by a school administrator and told to remove the flags from his truck when he got home, and not come back to school with them.

However  the 18-year-old said before the school day was over on Wednesday, a school official went to Robinson's parked truck, removed the bolts that secured the flags to the truck, took the flags down, and "laid my flags down in the middle of my truck when I wasn't even there."

Obviously proudly displaying the flag of your country seems to be problematic for many within academia, and for those “politically correct” school administrators. However when word of the incident became public and parents along with students and veterans showed up in protest waving American flags, many setting up just across from school grounds, it apparently changed the thinking of those school administrators. It’s amazing what a little old fashion  public demonstration in favor of “Old Glory” can do in rethinking school policy.

And just before noon Thursday, officials at York Comprehensive High School said Peyton Robinson and other students could keep the U.S. flag on his vehicle as long as no driving hazard exists.

“When I hear that you can’t fly the American flag it makes my blood run red, and my blood is red,” said Vietnam Veteran Michael Douglas.

wistv.com - Columbia, South Carolina

h/t: WZ

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