When a California police officer pulled over a woman things got very interesting fast. A video of the incident shows a woman arguing with the legality of the stop. a male companion is being cuffed and the woman starts spouting off that her companion doesn't need a drivers license due to some outdated article in the constitution. She claims that because she is a peaceful person she is a "free inhabitant" who has all the rights of a U.S. citizen but does not have to abide by any of the laws. Hmmm... Interesting.

Obviously this doesn't go over very well with the cop who is just trying to do his job. After a bit of ridiculous back and forth the officer tires of these shenanigans and gets the woman out of the car and into the cuffs. At this point out of nowhere the woman starts screaming "rape" for no reason.

This is just a snapshot into the crap that cops all over the country have to deal with on a daily basis. This woman is a self entitled idiot who has no clue what she is actually talking about.

We applaud this officer who remains calm and collected despite the verbal abuse he has to endure while just trying to get though another day on the job.

h/t: Q Political

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