Do you remember the story of Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi? This was the young veteran, who was seeking treatment for his PTSD, from the VA, in San Diego. He missed a turn down at the Mexican border checkpoint and found himself on foreign soil.

Re-entering the country as easily as an illegal alien did not happen for the Sergeant. Tahmooressi had some legally owned firearms in his vehicle and that was all the Mexican authorities needed to know, to drop his butt in prison. He stayed there for more than half a year, was regularly abused by prison guards, and ignored by our own President.

President Obama was seemingly too busy to be bothered to do anything presidential. Like, say arranging for the release of one our soldiers, who fought for our freedoms and the safety and security of the President’s sorry ass on HIS orders.

It was Governor Richardson of New Mexico, Representatives Ed Royce and Matt Salmon of California and Arizona, respectively, and the vocal platform celebrity voices of Montel Williams, Greta van Susteren, and many others well-respected in conservative media, and those that nobody knows about that finally garnered Tahmooressi’s freedom.

Not too many folks knew, or even still know, that where our government failed, Donal Trump was among those who did not. In an effort to help the young traumatized Marine get his life back on track, Donald Trump provided monetary assistance to Tahmooressi. He did not toot his own horn at the time, and even today does not take all credit, and actually only mentions himself in the role of Tahmooressi’s release in the context of what had to happen given Obama’s inaction.

In particular, Trump gives major credit to van Susteren saying that without her help, Tahmooressi would probably still be stuck rotting in that prison. Greta, for her part, hands the success of Tahmooressi’s release over to Americans and our efforts with signing petitions, making phone calls, storming social media, and that we are proof of power in unity.

Donald Trump is not the heartless bastard that the left, and the GOP/RNC like to try to make him out to be.

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