If you can imagine, for a second, being a young child again, and having been ejected from the vehicle you were traveling in, you would probably use the term holy terrorizing to describe the situation. This is exactly what happened to a little boy in D’lberville, Mississippi.


He was in a party of six people injured in a violent rollover crash. Five of the injured were children, and all were ejected from the vehicle.

The little boy could not be calmed while medical personnel were trying to strap him to a backboard to keep him still and prevent further injury. One quick thinking fire fighter took his place, on the ground, next to the boy, and placed his head next to the child’s.


Fireman Casey Lessard, soothed the boy by pulling out his phone and playing the animated child’s film “Happy Feet.” The boy calmed, and the medical personnel were able to do their job, ensure his safety, and transport him to the hospital.

Fireman Lessard deserves a huge round of applause. Yet another public figure in uniform that works hard, every day, many times while placing their lives in danger, to ensure the safety and security of the public.

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