There are so many infuriating news stories out there about Islam and its inherent violent theocracy. Sure, there are moderate Muslims, but their silence about the dark side of the faith does no more than endorse the extremism. What to do about the cover-up that is going on when it comes to painting the entirety of Islam as the “Religion of Peace?”

You start by telling the truth. In Memorial Elementary School in New Braunfels, Texas, that is the approach the school is taking when addressing American history. The School lesson that has caused all of the uproar among Muslims and the idiots of the community was called “Freedom Rings! A Commemoration of 9-11, Freedom Week and Constitution Day.” A lesson on American history about,

…how communities pull together in good times and in bad and the design structures that protect all citizens. This includes lessons on historical and contemporary figures and military and first responders who exemplify good citizenship part of the lesson.”

The exercise causing the uproar was to fill-in the black of the following sentence.

A ___________is a person who uses extreme violence to make a political point.”

Let’s see... Would it be party clown? No. Would it be cowboy? No. Would it be terrorist? BINGO!

If that strikes a nerve, Muslim folks, it’s because you disturbingly identify with the term. What do you want? To change the definition of terrorist? Go take it up with Merriam-Webster or other dictionaries.

The problem boils down to Muslims in this country not viewing themselves as Americans. If the Muslims upset by the school lesson viewed themselves as Americans, they would embrace the lesson and re-affirm it at home by teaching the truth about the extremists in their faith who attacked them-Americans.

They would teach their children to break the cycle of violence that is Islam, at-present. They would teach that terrorism is an ugly tenet of their faith that resulted in killing over 3,000 Americans that day, took the US into a never-ending war, is tearing apart the Middle East, displacing hundreds of thousands of people, and how the extremists corrupt their religion, and how Sharia Law is counter to American freedom. They would teach the truth.

They would teach their children to embrace our fundamental value of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Basically, they would teach their children what it means to be an American.

Source: Mad World News


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