Chick-fil-A is being discriminated against, again. Their right to free speech is being attacked because Dan Cathy is a Christian whose crime, committed in June, 2012, was saying not to think for God and allow people to define what constitutes marriage. That’s it. That is all it took.

He opened his mouth and said something that was out of line with the accept-it-or-die homosexual marriage agenda the liberals are assaulting America with.

The Denver City Council declined a permit that would allow Chick-fil-A to open a restaurant in the Denver International Airport. It is a sure bet they have allowed Islam hospitality venues to conduct business in the city, likely those operated by radicals, who we know definitely do not tolerate homosexuality. The fact that Cathy is a Christian is why it is so important for the city council to impede the company’s business.

This is government discriminating against Christians. This is a blatant violation of the Cathy’s First Amendment. The right to free speech is twofold; a person has a right to speak, and another person has the right to walk away and not listen.

According to the Denver City Council, free speech means, the listener cannot walk away and must accept whatever is being said.

If anyone should not be allowed to do business in Denver, it is the city council. Citizens of Denver, you must vote these vile people out of office. Otherwise, they will come for you the next time you say something one of them does not agree with.

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