Utterly ridiculous and frankly very discriminatory is all that can be said about the Golden State's latest and greatest display in un-abashed hating on US and state citizens.  This should be a hate crime!  California is made up of 58 counties, and now 47 some them (81%) are going to offer "low-cost" (can you say taxpayer paid for?) healthcare services to roughly 2.7 million illegal immigrants, to the tune of $6-9 million.  That's right-MILLIONS.  Where did the state find the money to fund this little venture of the County Medical Services Program?  Oh, that's right!  From the pockets of the CITIZENS OF  CALIFORNIA.  Where else?

According to the reporter (see link), the multi-million illegal populace, "... is barred from signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act and now makes up the single biggest group of Californians without insurance."

So what.

Their health insurability problems, their health care problems, their access to health care citizens of the state PAY FOR, is not the citizens' problem.  But, no!  Apparently it is "unconscionable" to allow this "underclass" to go without.  Unconscionable?  No, Mr. Saylor (Supervisor-Yolo County), what is unconscionable is that there are citizens in the state, who should not have to pay for your, or any other person's, bleeding heart, in this regard.  You care so much, write your own check for an underclass ILLEGAL alien's medical bill.  In fact, your entire organization and every legislature who signed onto this stupid notion should bust out your pocket books, empty your coin jugs, and pony up the cash for this and leave the rest of the broken and overtaxed citizens alone.  You people are bleeding the legal population dry.

"These are decisions that both will have a real, beneficial impact on specific California families, and will also improve our health system as a whole, and are symbolically important," (Anthony Wright-Executive Director, Health Access California."

See. Right there when he says "specific California families" is when their grand plan becomes insidiously discriminatory and hateful to the rest of the state's legal citizens. Since when does symbolism dictate legislative decisions that have real-world impact on the rest of the state's populace?  Then again, it is California.

h/t: LA Times

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