It was one thing when we Americans began witnessing Obama’s attempts to nationalize the police force by means of drumming up the Black Lives Matter movement and reinforcing the false pretense of violence by cops. Turns out nationalization was the furthest thing from his mind.

Globalizing our law enforcement to comply with the Shariah Law endorsing United Nations is our president’ s newest plot to destroy our country.

Obama enlisted our nation to join the United Nations’ “Strong Cities Network” (SCN) on September 29th. We will be policed internationally and brought under the jurisdiction of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

Cities will be targeted and brought into conformance; Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Great Boston region of Massachusetts; New York, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; and Denver, Colorado, to name a few.

This is not a plan, or a vision to unfold, this is happening right now, and will be followed-up on, next spring, in Paris, France.

Source: Qpolitical


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