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Do you remember our American Hero, United States Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi who missed the turn at the border check point and ended up in a Mexican prison?

He was traveling in San Diego for medical help with his PTSD. This American hero was the man who Obama left to rot down there. Obama was too busy cutting deals to let terrorists return to the battle field, and figure out ways to arm Iran with nuclear weapons.

Andrew Tamhooressi was FINALLY freed and Donald Trump and Greta van Sustern from Fox News had something to do with that.

Trump operated behind the scenes and after it was all said and done Trump took it even further.   He helped give Andrew Tahmooressi with a fresh start in life.

Trump gave $25,000 to our American hero. He paid all of the family’s legal bills and took care of their financial needs from Tahmooressi’s  2014 release from the Mexican hellhole he was in, and for the following year.

These are not the actions of a boastful man. These are the actions of a man who truly loves America and our military. For all his boasting and self-aggrandizing, deep down he is humble and appreciative for the nation and the men and women who keep it a land of freedom.

We could not ask for more of patriot to be running for president.

Like him or not, should he win, we will once again have a person who sits in the Oval Office with the American people at the forefront of his mind.  That is something this nation desperately needs.

Thank you Donald Trump for being the proud American you are!

h/t: American News



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