More than any First Lady before her, Michelle Obama has been intimately involved in the running of the United States. We all remember well her stances against school bake sales and the tasteless lunches she tried to make popular. She's also been heavily involved in pushing back against perceived inequality and racism across the country.

But Michelle Obama made a critical announcement this week as she spoke at the South By Southwest (SXSW) arts festival in Austin, Texas. She announced that she wouldn't run for president.

"I’m going to continue to work with our young people all over the world--but not as president. I will not run for president," Michelle announced to disappointed noises from the crowd. Her presence at SXSW was part of a panel on gender equality and equal rights that featured actress Sophia Bush, Missy Elliot, and Queen Latifah among others.

Michelle Obama claimed that raising her two daughters would more than take up the rest of her time and that she would focus on that. However, she's managed to play a larger role as First Lady than many thought she would and still raised her two daughters while doing that so her claims may only be valid for some time.

She would make an ideal candidate for many liberals and progressives to rally behind because she's black, a woman, and has a strong background in law and involvement just like her husband Barack.

But Michelle Obama hasn't shown any of the really important qualities that the United States needs in its presidents and that's why we should be relieved that she's not even considering running in the future. America needs leadership, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum you have to agree with that, and she just doesn't have the background and the experience.

It's alright Michelle. You've done your job (and more) as a First Lady. Let somebody else take over now.

h/t: LA Times

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