Three Florida cops had just sat down at their local Bob Evans to enjoy breakfast when they were approached by a wet child with a rather unusual request that made them stop eating immediately.

The three police officers had only just been served their food when Joshua approached the officers and asked them something that they had never heard before. Joshua was alone with his mother Kelly Garza when he decided to do what no one expected and bolt towards the officers' table.

The three St. Petersburg cops were surprised to see the boy standing at the end of their table but what the boy said next was even more stunning.

Joshua and his mother had just come from swimming practice when his mother decided to treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant. The boy was wearing a ball-cap over his still wet hair. He noticed the manager approach the officers and shake their hands, thanking them for their services.

Inspired by the kind manager Joshua decided to show his gratitude in his own way.

Joshua and his mother were about to leave the restaurant and were on their way towards the door when Joshua made a run straight for the officers' table.

Joshua asked the officers to pray with him. The officers looked past Joshua at his mother standing patiently and looking onward at them. Then they grabbed little Joshua's hands and prayed with the boy.

Even though the cops had just prayed before the boy came over they joined him in another prayer, in which Joshua led a prayer of gratitude for the cops' sacrifices and commitment to the St. Petersburg community and asked God for His protection for the officers.

Joshua's mother told Fox13 news that Joshua "knows what’s going on in the world, and he doesn’t like it," with extra emphasis on the recent tragic Orlando shootings.

Kelly watched in awe as her son demonstrated true kindness to the officers that had joined him in prayer. She took a picture of her son to immortalize this special moment in their life forever.


That's when she heard her six-year-old son end the prayer with "and please help us all to live a good life. Amen," and then thank the officers for their time.

It is truly encouraging to see our nation's youth understand the power of prayer and be able to show gratitude for the men and women in blue that go out there everyday and risk their lives for our protection. If more children are raised right like young Joshua then our country may truly be headed in the right direction.

Source: Mad World News


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