West Virginia is coal mining country. The industry is the heartbeat of the local and state economies.

With Obama’s incessant obsession to destroy one industry after another and break the financial back of this country, he has had unmitigated success in the state of West Virginia.

“The vast majority of the problem comes from President Obama and his EPA’s war on coal,” according to Senate President, Bill Cole (R) as told to The Daily Signal.

Obama’s stepped up his game when it comes to his War on Coal and enacted the Clean Power Act.

Alternatively known and people submitting to the planet and the false narrative of Obama’s fantasy world. A world where the temperature keeps rising with tales of global warming.

“We’ve closed down power plant after power plant and destroyed our own market for coal,” said Cole. “When you get into those southern coal communities, when coal goes away, it’s devastation and poverty in the worst form,” he went on.

It is about to get even more devastating, to the tune of a 479,000 jobs by 2027, courtesy of Obama Clean Power Act.

“West Virginia’s in absolutely dire straits,” says Roger Horton, President of Citizens for Coal.

“The point we’re trying to stress is that we need a higher power to change the hearts and minds of those who want to destroy Appalachia.”

Let’s all pray for West Virginia. Let’s pray that they will survive and overcome this, because the chances of changing the hearts and minds when it comes to anything Obama does is slim to none.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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