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First let me preface this story by announcing that it does have a happy ending. However let me also point out that the world is full of low-life’s, who would steal the gold fillings out of grandma’s mouth, if given the opportunity.

Moreover perhaps this young mom needs to pay more attention to where she places her keys, and no doubt that “low-life” would have picked another target.

The incident took place in front of the Department of Human Assistance parking lot, when North Highlands resident Krystle Chess’s car was stolen right out of a handicapped zone, and in broad daylight.

The brief video clip shows the distraught young woman recounting the incident and of course feeling victimized; "You are, pretty much at the lowest of the low that you can get ... Rock bottom has a basement, and I'm living there right now."

Chess who has two young children continued: "As of right now, I don't have anything to return to. It's just been one hit after another."

She then began to sob as she recounted her children’s new backpacks for school, filled with school supplies that were inside their car, and something perhaps more precious than even the stolen auto, a stuffed little white bear with pink wings attached to her dashboard.

The stuffed bear had belonged to her mother, who called it her “guardian angle,” and which Chess also dubbed her “guardian angle.”

Saying: "Now ever since my mom passed away, it's kinda like, it's her too, you know?"

However as mentioned at the beginning of this article this story does have a happy ending. Officers found her car in good condition on Friday.

As the tears began to once more run down Chess’s cheeks, however this time with joy, she responded, "Oh my God, did they really?

Sobbing she continued: "Thank you so much. I thought I was never... I thought I was doomed."

However Chess’s “guardian angle,” her little stuffed white bear is still missing.

Source: Fox 40

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