Food stamp recipients have increased by more than a million people since last year, but it's becoming increasingly clear that the possibility for food stamp fraud is increasing as well.

In an article by Fox News, a correspondent found multiple instances of recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, who were selling their coupons and benefits online using services like Craigslist and Ebay.

While the government claims that it is cracking down on food stamp fraud and making it harder to accomplish, the reality of the situation seems to be otherwise. One Craigslist posting read, "I have $500 worth and it costs $350 cash. No I will not do half." Others promised that if prospective buyers needed food and had access to cash, they would be willing to make a trade.

The news that many food stamp recipients are actively seeking out ways to trade their benefits for cash points to the fact that many of the recipients want the freedom that actual money brings. While food stamps have clear restrictions on the items that a recipient can receive using the stamps, cash opens the door for alcohol, drugs, prostitution, and anything else that the person would wish to buy.

Additionally, many states still don't have adequate checks and balances on removing people from the food stamp programs when they finally obtain a job and are making a fair wage. One analyst from the Heritage Foundation suggested that states should do a better job of cross-checking the statewide databases of new hires with those who are still enrolled for food stamps and fix the situation.

While many on the left declare that Republicans and those who seek welfare reform have no compassion for the poor, the opposite is actually true. With reform comes more opportunity to give food stamps to those people who actually need them. If the system is bogged down by people who take the funds and then sell them for cash to use for their own purposes, it can't move forward.

h/t: Fox News

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