Ask yourself this question;

How much money do you want to make in life?

Enough to get by is what most folks would say. Well, you will be happy to know that in all but 15 states this can be a reality. In 35 states, being on welfare will earn you a reasonable sum, comparative to having some sort of degree under your belt, ranging from a high school diploma to a graduate degree.

In Ohio, you can make $26,200.00 a year on welfare, while your neighbor works for about $12.60/hour. Not enough, slacker? Move on over to the Golden State, and you will earn $37,160.00 a year, soaking up the sun, while the single mother down the street carts her two kids to school, heads to her job and makes $17.87/hour. California is not the right kind of paradise for you, loser? Then hop a plane to Hawaii, sit on the beach drinking Mai Tais and know that your bank account is growing to include annual earnings of $60,590.00 a year, for you doing nothing but sucking off of the rest of us, while that guy mixing your drinks probably has one or two more jobs so he can pull in the equivalent of $29.13/hour over the course of a 16 hour work day.

This is redistribution of wealth, a fancy way of saying communism. Our nation’s leaders apparently did not pay attention in history class, because the Pilgrims tried this and it about killed them all that first winter. Sharing only works when both sides have something to invest. It’s called incentive.

Incentive is not one person doing nothing while the other works to pay for their every need. Incentive is having a goal. It is being an American; living up to your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. None of those should be earned off the sweat of another.

For those of  you that don’t know the answer to the question above, it is;

“I want to earn as much as I can.”

If you are in the enough-to-get-by category, and look to welfare as your career path, you are a lost cause, and frankly you deserve to end up in a gutter somewhere when all the money runs out.

Here's a handy chart that shows how much moochers can take annually by each state:

Young Cons


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