If you were in need of a food bank, as many unemployed Americans likely are given the economy, do you think you would get food to order?

If you were Jewish, do you think you would get Kosher everything?

If you had a hankering for a burger, fries and shake, do you think there is a short-order cook somewhere to provide such?

The answer to each of those questions is no.

You get what is available. Everyone in America, in need of such services, deals with it. Apparently, this is not good enough for the holier-than-thou Muslims among us.

They want halal, or “lawful” food as put forth by a Muslim group to a food bank.

Such dietary demands require specific slaughtering rules, blood being drained for an animal, invoking Allah while slaughtering the animal.

This is not just a matter of putting goat on the menu, it is a matter of the entire food welfare system going the way of Sharia.

Keeping in mind that a Muslim can consume non-Halal food to avoid starvation and death. Well, Muslims on the dole?

That is what food banks are for—to keep you from starving. Get over it and eat. Better yet, get a job and buy your own food.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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