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To those average working Americans who bring in a paycheck every week  the idea of expecting something for nothing seldom crosses their minds, because quite frankly they’re  to busy “earning a living”.

If by chance they should fall on hard times, most likely they’ve earned the right and perhaps even paid into collecting unemployment benefits, because once again they’ve “earned that right”.

And so when legislators in Louisiana finally applied a little logic and passed a commonsense sense bill that simply requires welfare recipients to obtain a job or enroll in a training program within three months or risk losing their benefits, it was greeted as predicated along partisan lines with the same cast of characters suggesting that welfare recipients being forced to improve their economic condition or lose funding, is somehow “unfairly punitive.”

The changes will affect all able-bodied recipients between the ages of 18 and 49 who do not have dependents. Those men and women will be required to land a job for at least 20 hours per week, or enroll in a federally approved job training program if they are unable to secure work.

Which seems more than reasonable when you consider someone working their whole lives and has contributed to the economic health of their state is only entitled to receive on average 23-weeks of unemployment insurance.

“We believe the more people working in the state, the better for the state, the better for the individuals,” Suzy Sonnier, secretary for the Department of Children and Family Services told reporters. “It truly is a win, win.”

Do you think this new plan by the state of Louisiana is a good one?

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Source: The Libertarian Republic



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