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In 2015, over 59 million “Americans”  received almost $870 billion in Social Security benefits and of those almost 40-million are “retired workers, those folks 65-years and older who've worked their entire lives, and will receive on average $1,335 monthly benefit.

And far less than the $1,700 per month this ungrateful welfare recipient is getting for doing “nothing”.

The television series “Benefits Britain” uncovered this welfare queen who believed she deserved more than what she already gets for free.

Apparently, the roughly $1,700 she received monthly was insufficient, and she called it “disgusting” how the government expected her “to live on money and support a house and support yourself.”

Apparently Debbie Merton, 46, has been unable to work because of a disability for 24 years, do the math, in that if she collected just the $1,335 the average American Social Security benefits, for 24-years, it has already cost the Brits in the neighborhood of almost $400,000…not to bad for sitting on your butt.

She discussed her “plight” on the popular television show: “It’s bloody hard and the government don’t really give a s***, they’re alright in their posh houses and eating lobster and caviar every night.”

She was just 22-years old when she began collecting benefits, and she could indeed have some debilitating health issue, however whatever issue this woman has it didn’t stop her from throwing parties and having friends over.

In fact, one of those late night parties resulted in an eviction notice from her landlord after agitated neighbors called the police at 2 a.m.

Thankfully the only positive thing to come out of this story is that she’s not collecting welfare benefits here…sorry British taxpayers, she’s all yours for a change!

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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