A gang of 13 welfare rats, with stolen Electronics Benefits Transfer (EBT) card were having a one-year long field day with it. Eleven were rounded up and two are still wandering around.

“It’s pretty sad when you steal money from a program designed to help the poor,” said County Sheriff Grady Judd. “The taxpayers should be outraged with this fraud.”

This all started in March of last year. Some unwitting man reported receiving a new credit card, in his name. He never applied for it.

Many of us who chuck that in the trash thinking it was one of those fake credit card offers. Not him. He did the right thing, and it resulted in this investigation.

This whole situation turned out to be a massive fraud, forgery, and stolen identification operation. Seven of the suspects are already on welfare and five had rap sheets. 

Polk County law enforcement did a wonderful thing, and they intend to do more of the same.

However, there are some questions—why was the EBT card still being loaded with benefits? Anybody lose an ATM card? Anybody have a bank that thinks you lost your card?

How fast is the baby locked up Ft. Knox style? Maybe this was part of the investigation, but that seems like giving the government a little too much credit.

This is just further proof that the government screws up EVERYTHING they touch. Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady—tax payers ought to be outraged.

They should be angry at the thieves and otherworldly infuriated at the government for ripping them off and continuing to load a stolen card.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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