Attempting to corral welfare abuse is tantamount to threading a needle on a bucking horse, it just can’t be done! Or can it? In that the majority of states makes it possible for welfare recipients to actually earn more in government benefits (food stamps), then someone working earning a minimum wage would ever hope to see in their paycheck.

And those benefits can easily put a state into financial difficulty and engulf a budget from 25% to 33% each fiscal year. And those funds come directly from the tax payer, moneys collected from individual citizens, who ironically can’t access those lucrative benefits such as “free food”.

However 12-states seem to have finally reached the limit “fed-up” and seem ready to bring their individual financial houses in order, and the first order of business is to tackle the “waste and abuse” in their welfare programs. And one way to do that is drug testing for welfare recipients. The simple premise is if you have money to purchase illegal drugs then you really don’t need or deserve welfare benefits funding your destructive habit by hard-working taxpayers…in short “get a job”!

Of course progressives are “howling”, calling the drug testing for welfare recipients as cruel, unfair and discriminatory. However what is “unfair” is picking the pockets of hard-working Americans, while a growing underclass of usually able-bodied individuals sit at home and collect benefits.

The states that have finally had enough and are taking action are West Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, New York, Oregon, Minnesota, Montana, Mississippi, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky and Hawaii.

However the dirty little secret is that the welfare program in many progressive states has actually turned into buying votes, the more benefits the more assurances of having a voting block of dependent voters looking for more benefits, at the expense of working Americans.

The tragedy of the inner cities, for the most part has been created by liberal Democrats, throwing taxpayer funds into a bottomless pit, however never truly addressing the issues of education, broken homes, crime, and a moral decay that has been willfully ignored for decades,



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