Hillary Clinton is running her presidential campaign on money, not on the number of supporters who show up for her events. The Democratic presidential candidate is drawing weak attendance numbers at her recent rallies but the media is still captivated with her status as a woman candidate for president.

In Ohio, however, it appears that her reputation may finally be preceding her. According to Tom Troy, who attended one of Clinton's rallies in Cleveland, the attendance was measly, with only a few hundred supporters showing up to see her speak.

Donald Trump's rally in Ohio, on the other hand, gathered the support of thousands and his tweet alone thanking Ohio for the support gathered over 25,000 likes on Twitter. This straight numbers comparison in turnout doesn't bode well for Hillary in the battleground state of Ohio.

Perhaps Clinton's low turnout can be attributed to the fact that she simply isn't as in touch with Americans as her campaign would have us believe? After all, there were no sporting events, bad weather or other reasons that Clinton fans wouldn't have showed up. The only problem, as far as I can see, is the fact that she showed up 80 minutes for her speech and then burst into a huge coughing fit that she said was related to allergies.

Clinton's faithful followers are just now seeing her for what she is, a scam-artist who preys on stereotypes and saps who are too star-shocked to recognize the false narratives she is feeding her audience. Clinton speaks out against money being involved in politics, and then she goes and raises more money than any candidate has ever before--and she uses it to fund attack ads against her opponent.

The hypocrisy is simply too much and the measly turnout in Ohio shows that her luck is finally running out.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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