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Watching this young lady explaining in detail the origin of the Confederate Flag one can’t help but be enchanted, by her uplifting presentation, and her eloquent easy to listen style.

She "good-naturedly" mocks and then answers are own questions… taking the viewers trough a detailed history as to how the Confederate Flag came to be, and highlighting the various design changes, made throughout its history

However perhaps the most enlightening narration within the 7-plus minute video, is what this present day Confederate Flag actually represents, and what both the political progressive establishment, the mainstream media and of course African-Americans seem to either ignore or are perhaps are blissfully ignorant of the facts, in that the Confederate Flag isn’t a symbol of the Confederacy or even a national flag of any state.

Nor is it a symbol of racism, in truth the Confederate Flag that both the political progressive class and sadly many conservatives deem a symbol of racism is actually a Virginian “battle flag” under General Robert E. Lee.

Moreover this young lady who happens to also be African-American reminds the viewers that the loon who murdered those 6- African-American church goers, also had an American Flag within the photograph taken of him and which the mainstream media and those civil rights activists used to begin this insane campaign to obliterate a “flag!”

She also eloquently reminds those viewers that ripping off or vandalizing a home or auto displaying the Confederate Flag could get you in trouble and even killed.

h/t: Chicks On The Right



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