Dom Raso, one of the heroes of America who wears the trident of a Navy Seal unleashed on Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2015, he was taking issue with the former FLOTUS’s well-remembered claim of running duck-and-cover to avoid being killed by snipers in Bosnia (1996).  Like Bryan Williams, the “fog of war” apparently further demented her already corrupted soul. She “mis-spoke” and her memory was “hazy.”

Raso’s begins by reminding us of Bryan Williams, and then segues into Hillary, “another liar” who uses the Armed Forces when it suits her. He provides video footage of her horrendous encounter with the snipers of Bosnia.  That crowd of citizens, adults and children, whose hands she shakes, Chelsea at her side.

His anger is not just the lie, which is bad enough, but her dismissiveness when called out on her lie.

“Only someone completely arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful of what really happens in war could say something like that — and all to get people to like you more.”

Truthfully, Hillary could not care less if you like her or not as long as you vote for her, but Raso’s point is well taken.

“Nothing matches the feeling you get seeing guys suppress the fear of death, in order to fight for their brothers, and fight for the freedom of the men and women back home.”

He should know. He had a “front-row seat” for 12 years. Hillary? She’s got nothing.

This country does not deserve another Liar-in-Chief, and Raso has a personal message for her in this regard;

“And, Hillary, the fact that you think the brave and selfless acts of our nation’s heroes are yours to falsely associate yourself with, just to advance your career, proves you are not worthy of the office you seek.”

Source: Conservative Tribune


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