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Perhaps there should be a disclaimer on any video clip coming from “The View” that “watching this brief video clip can cause nausea, vomiting and in some cases a prolonged sense of paranoia, not recommended for well-informed critical thinking individuals”.

Moreover the continued revolving door for blissfully ignorant and marginally talented celebrities by ABC is the reason this once entertaining daytime show has lost over 300,000 viewers within the last few years, and why rumors that Barbara Walters is furious at seeing what she helped create disintegrating right before her eyes.

This latest mind-numbing 4-minute video simply illustrates why the show is in free fall, and by the two main players, gravel voiced Whoopi Goldberg, and “Peg Bundy clone” Joy Behar still attempting to discredit “the Donald” or more appropriately our next Commander-in Chief.

Goldberg dressed like a “frosted” Christmas cookie once again accused the Russians of interfering with our presidential election, citing over and over “17- Intelligence Agencies have concluded that something nefarious took place regarding our national security including the presidential election, which of course she’s correct, however not for the ridicules reasons that Goldberg references.

The hacking, leaks, and disinformation are all a product of Hillary Clinton and her unsecured server and unprotected emails that SHE used EXCLUSIVELY for transmitting top-secret information, and which no doubt was hacked and even leaked by both foreign agents and those close to the Clinton campaign itself.

However that doesn’t stop Behar demanding that President-elect Trump step down before his Inauguration Day, because the CIA may have evidence of Russian interference, therefore “Trump” shouldn’t be near our nations “nuclear codes,” and then later doubling down by suggesting that Trump isn’t right in the head, or Goldberg referencing Trump strategist Kellyanne Conway as “fake news.”

No doubt if both portly Goldberg and mop head Behar had their wish, Hillary Clinton who willfully used an unsecured personal server and emails, in corresponding top-secret and classified information, and helped negotiate the sale of 20% of our strategic stockpile of Uranium to the Russians, misplaced over 6-billion dollars while Secretary of State, and presided over the carnage in Benghazi, would be their pick…which only goes to illustrates why “The View” has lost over 300,000 viewers and counting.


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