When we think of “racism” the first thing that comes to mind for most of us regardless of your own race, is the willful oppression of African-Americans. Perhaps it’s learning about our own checkered history in school, or maybe if you’re old enough actually witnessing on our TV screens two young African-American students named Vivian Malone and James A. Hood attempting to enter the University of Alabama in 1963, only to have their pathway blocked by armed police and a governor, vowing "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever."

Moreover, we seldom think of “racism” being practiced and enforced by African-Americans against whites, and yet within this emerging culture of so-called inclusiveness, we’re beginning to witness almost daily willful reversed discrimination against white under the cover of “white privilege” which almost guarantees and excuses blatant racism by African-Americans.

It’s that same progressive mindset we now see on college campuses that encourages the use of violence as an accepted method in shutting down free speech.

And we’re now witnessing that some blatant use of racism on the gridiron. Last week we learned about a disturbing situation that began happening on the Oakland Raiders football team, which is predominately made up of black players, when white quarterback Derek Carr decided to stand proudly for the National Anthem against the pointed advice of his teammates allegedly stating; “If he [Carr] wants to stand alone for the National Anthem, he can stand alone on the field.”

Which now appears to be exactly what took place over the weekend against the Denver Broncos, when Carr was brutally sacked suffering a fractured spine which may end his playing career, the game came to an abrupt halt after Carr took a brutal hit that rendered him motionless and unable to move on the field.

“Carr was scrambling in the backfield trying to avoid a sack from multiple Broncos defenders when, falling toward the ground, it appeared he took a knee in the back from Broncos defensive end Adam Gotsis,” The Ringer reported.  “Carr stayed down on the field before heading to the blue medical tent on the sideline, and eventually the locker room.”

Do you believe that “racism” played a part in Carr’s near career ending injury?


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