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Another day and another Clinton revelation, however this one isn’t from WikiLeaks but from an undercover video from James O’Keefe titled “Rigging the Election, in which O’Keefe chronicles first hand, strong-armed tactics by Clinton operatives employing thugs to violently attack Trump supporters, and much like the upcoming anniversary known as ‘The night of broken glass” which took place in 1938, and ironically falls the day after election day, on November 9th in which Nazi thugs attacked Jews and destroyed property.

Robert “Bob” Creamer a long-time Democratic operative was caught on the hidden video acknowledging that he employed and paid thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies.

The uncover video produced by Project Veritas, has used hidden undercover video’s in the past targeting such progressive organization like ACORN, however this latest video actually has Clinton operatives brazenly discussing using violence as a political tool.

A reporter from CNN after reviewing the video clip acknowledged “Creamer and other operatives purportedly discussing methods for inciting violence at rallies for the Republican nominee.”

O’Keefe is shown on the video speaking with Scott Foval, National Field Director for Americans United for Change, and Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners, along with several activists.

Foval then details “how he and other operatives recruit and train people to protest Trump events and to try to draw Trump supporters into physical confrontations.”

He then states; ‘There’s a script, sometimes the ‘crazies’ bite … sometimes they don’t bite.'”

This eerily parallels the Nazi script in 1938 in which Joseph Goebbels instructs his storm troopers to stage violent protests to appear as “spontaneous demonstrations.”

Moreover, and this is perhaps where November 9th 1938, draws another strange parallel to the Obama Administration, in that White House press secretary Josh Earnest refused to answer questions as to why Robert Cramer, a convicted felon visited the White house 342 times, and over 40-times with Obama, since 2009.

See for yourself and watch Josh Earnest try and pivot when pressed about why a convicted felon has had so much access to President Obama.


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