Knowing no limits to their epic displays of stupidity and thuggery, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters descended on the I-70 near Blanchette Bridge, Missouri. While these protests have notoriously featured black men, even though white people take part too, this one was a little different.

That’s right, a couple of newly wed lesbians took part in this demonstration of how idiotic this protest movement is.

They even went so far as to assault a motorist who wasn’t about to sit in the gridlock while the thugs continued to pound on her vehicle.


She just started to continue moving forward through the cattle called herd of morons.

tbh... I'd done the same.

Alexis Templeton and her spouse, Brittany Ferrell, black women it would seem, or at least Templeton is, assaulted her in her vehicle. Templeton took it upon herself to reach inside the vehicle and assault the driver.

One does have to wonder why on earth the driver would have had her window down in a situation like this where it should have been pretty clear the protest was a violent one. No matter, the driver had her window down, and these chicks had a go at her. Of course, they were arrested and found themselves in the pokey for a couple of days. Templeton and Ferrell are charged with third degree assault and felony property damage, respectively.

Elsewhere, another protester found himself body-slammed by a police officer who wasn’t about to let the thug get away with anymore ludicrous behavior.

This type of protest, aka hostage-taking of the public, needs to stop. Everyone who is not a protester is innocent. Hell, even the cop was found innocent when it comes to what happened with Michael Brown at the start of these riots. The more these Black Lives Matter idiots do this type of thing the more like morons they appear. The media and our dear president Obama, Sharpton, Lynch, and other black civil riots leaders need to step up and say enough. Their silence is killing and maiming people. What happened on the I-70 is atrocious.

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