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For decades we’ve heard the progressive left dehumanize, insult and intimidate those concerned citizens who support the implementation of a national voter ID registration program, suggesting that any such policy is discrimination towards African-Americans, and that actual voter fraud is a figment of imagination, or perhaps worst yet a premeditated bias by critical thinking individuals towards minorities, and although their was enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that voter fraud was a serious issue, actual data was always difficult to come by, until now.

The “Conspiracy Theory” that Obama joked about is in fact real and it may perhaps decide the outcome of this upcoming presidential election.

The stunning report was highlighted on the critically acclaimed Lou Dobbs Show, the popular Fox host citied a Pew Report stating that 1 in 8 votes cast are “significantly inaccurate” and are “no longer valid,” which actually comes out to 18-million votes being invalid and out of that number over 2-million votes are being currently cast by “dead people.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitten responded to the new Pew Report stating; “The best solution would be to reform the system in the long run more voter ID citizenship verification. In the short run, the American people should pressure law enforcement to prosecute voting fraud. This can be done at the local, state, and federal level.

However Charlie Hurt a Washington Times staff writer points out that voter fraud is a lot worst then one illegal vote, in that for every one fraudulent vote cast, it cancels out one legitimate vote, therefore it’s doubly egregious.

Trump has been complaining all along that the system is rigged, and this is the proof!


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