Since that phenomenal evening of November 9th when Donald J. Trump was proclaimed the “45th President of the United States, by a shell-shocked media, the political establishment has never been the same.

Moreover from that historic moment war was declared by the rabid left along with the political establishment to do everything within their power to destroy, disrupt, and if possible dismantle this duly elected president, at all costs.

The fix was already in with Soros funded and backed demonstrations that quickly turned violent beginning on Inauguration Day when hundreds of black clad thugs wearing masks confronted riot police only blocks from the capital where the President-elect was about to take the oath of office, and it has continued with hardly a pause for almost 7-months.

This latest clash took place once again in Portland, Oregon when George Soros funded thugs and Trump supporters held dueling protests on McCall Waterfront Park at 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon.

The self-described anti-fascist group called “Antifa” confronted the pro-America “Patriot Prayer” conservative group, and within moments mayhem.

The two groups began immediately facing off, and within moment almost on cue, began throwing punches at one another as the stinging scent of pepper spray filled the air.

Dylan Byrnes, with Love Action Coalition, said, “I’m out here representing love and inclusion and I’m standing up for freedom and justice, and in solidarity with all kinds marginalized and underrepresented and vulnerable communities, but really I’m out here representing decency in Portland.”

The brief video footage captures the two sides shoving one another and throwing punches. In the distance trumpets and drums can be heard as if directing the pitched violence.

Daily Mail reports that during the scuffle a group of Antifa members gathered together in order to burn an American flag, which seems to be the calling card of anti-American scumbags everywhere.

The clashing duo demonstrations had their own promotion theme, Patriot Prayer promoting 'freedom and tolerance for people who think differently' while Antifa members chanted 'No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

The drama ended without any serious injuries. However, there were several arrests for second-degree disorderly conduct and a felony probation warrant.

Do you think that these violent demonstrations will continue throughout President Trump’s term?

Source: Daily Mail

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