Trump campaign manager randomly assaults a Trump-Hater at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Tucson, Arizona!

At least that is how the mainstream media is reporting it. Unfortunately for them, the truth has come out. The thug protestor meant violent ill-will toward an unsuspecting woman who was attending the rally. Corey Lewandowski happened to be in the area and yes he did grab the thug.

Jacqueline Alemany, who goes by the Twitter handle @JaxAlemany, who is seeking her 15-minutes of fame, posted a short video clip of the encounter with the following statement, “Here is Donald Trump’s campaign manager in the Tucson crowd gabbing the collar of a protester.”

Sorry, sweet-cheeks that is not how it went down, but kudos to you for attempts at the power of suggestion.

Let’s take another look.

Mr. Lewandoski is clearly admonishing the protester for behavior unknown. You see another guy enter the scene from the right and he gestures toward a woman standing below them. The protestor then reaches down and appears to cop a feel along the young woman’s arm and attempt to grab her.

At that moment the guy to the right puts his hand out in an attempt to stop the creepy dude. The woman spins around and Lewandowski jumps into action and rightfully puts an end to what was going to become a violent assault. The criminal then starts taking swings at a guy behind him.

Lewandowski, the man to the right, and the guy behind him are all heroes. Lord knows what would have happened to that woman in the crowd, and Ms. Alemany should be ashamed of herself.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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